We are a team of engineers committed to connecting & supporting people.


We are a trusted partner to pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, gene therapy and medical product companies.  Our services consist of:

Cleaning Validation
Compliance & Quality Assurance
Commissioning & Qualification
Computer Systems Validation
Controls & Automation

Environmental Monitoring
Financial Strategy
Process Validation
Program Management
Systems Integration

What We've Achieved

Our team members have successfully delivered projects of all scales and roles.  

"Project Farma's experienced and qualified staff displayed resiliency, creativity and innovation to keep things moving in the face of huge obstacles."

" The face-to-face daily contingency meetings and rolling action item list aligned the group, while providing insight into the actions other groups were taking, helped align commissioning activities."

"Project was  provided with the right resources and the right level of expertise helping ensure critical project milestones were met."

"Cross functional team members and collaborators helped ensure the decision making process was successful and added flexibility when bottlenecks were created."

"Quality excellence is a focus of this supplier."

"Project Farma's team was strong, specifically in communication.  They worked together to collaborate efficient and effective solutions.  All team members were accountable, discussed approaches and ensured the success of the project."